Is Kourtney Kardashian QUITTING Keeping Up With the Kardashians?

It won't be the same!

Kourtney Kardashian

by Owen Tonks |

Woah, woah, woah, what’s this all about? Kourtney Kardashian is reportedly planning to quit Keeping Up With the Kardashians after her split from Scott Disick.

The star is said to have wanted to distance herself from reality television for a while and is apparently not going to renew her contract with her family’s show.

The Kardashian/Jenners have reportedly signed up for a new four-year deal with television channel E! but Kourtney is rumoured to be looking for a way out of the contract, especially if it means appearing in future series with Scott.

A source told RadarOnline: “Kourtney has wanted to leave reality television for some time now, and does not plan on resigning onto another contract once this once this one is up.

“Meanwhile, she has told producers at E! that she will refuse to film if Scott is on the show.”

The ups and downs of the couple’s relationship have been shown on the programme for years.

But things reached a head after Scott was pictured getting close to his ex while on holiday in France earlier this year.

Kourtney recently holidayed in St Barts with her family and has put on a strong front as she’s been spotted out about with her children Mason, Penelope and Reign while Scott has been travelling around the US.

Don’t go, Kourtney!

GALLERY: 101 Kardashian fashion disasters for you to feast your eyes upon


101 Kardashian fashion disasters for you to feast your eyes upon

Socks appeal
1 of 99

Getting crafty with Kris' old hosiery, were we?

Getting pleathered
2 of 99

Where would one even buy tasselled pleather cowboy boots AND a matching pleather panelled dress?

Thigh nigh
3 of 99

Having to be physically cut out of a pair of boots is probably a sign they're not the best buy

Lady in waiting
4 of 99

If Kim had a silver platter, we'd take her to be a member of a catering company

Sacking off
5 of 99

A shapeless dance sack is not appropriate red carpet attire. Sorry, Kris

Leathering up
6 of 99

We hate to break it to you Kris, but nobody over the age of 30 should be wearing double leather

Super furry animal
7 of 99

We dread to think how many poor animals died only for an outfit to look this hideous

Jump for your life
8 of 99

Part dress, part jumpsuit, but definite no-no

Pulling shapes
9 of 99

Except you won't be pulling anyone in that get-up Mrs J

Lady in lace
10 of 99

We sincerely hope there's a zip at the back of that for health and safety reasons alone

The Amazing Spiderwoman
11 of 99

Someone's hoping for an invite to Spiderman 3...

Nighty night
12 of 99

On the plus side, at least Kim won't have to change much when she gets ready for a snooze

Wet wet wet
13 of 99

Kim handled having oil poured all over her really well considering

Mulleting over
14 of 99

We do hope Kylie's covered up under that mullet coat. We'll ignore the fishnet boots as they make our eyes hurt too much

Brace yourself
15 of 99

Literally. Looks like Kim was very concerned about those puppies going astray

Ready for bed
16 of 99

Alright, Kourtney. It's not bedtime yet

17 of 99

The Kardashian harem
18 of 99

One of Kim's unfortunate maternity wardrobe mistakes which we just can't bring ourselves to forget

Snoody fox
19 of 99

How clever of Khloe to fashion a snood out of a jumper dress

Pocket it
20 of 99

Lost a bit of your dress? Just borrow a bit of your hubby's pocket square instead

She was a skater girl
21 of 99

A skater boy hoodie fashioned into a dress - why not? THIS IS WHY NOT

We see your true colours
22 of 99

Just the grossest colour we've ever seen basically

Hell for leather
23 of 99

Literally. This top is hell personified

24 of 99

If a dog ate a Magnum and then threw up all over your dress, this is what it would look like

A bit of all white
25 of 99

In fact, a lot of all white. And that's definitely just all white, not all right

Baggy trousers
26 of 99

Now we know where the inspiration for Madness' song came from

(Un)sweet charity
27 of 99

One of Kris' charity bin cast-offs?

28 of 99

Could a cheaper looking fabric exist if it tried?

29 of 99

Sergeant Kardashian reputing for duty, ice-cream in hand

Doing things by scarves
30 of 99

When you can't find your people to hold your accessories, just make them a part of your dress

Knit wit
31 of 99

Kim accidentally stretched Kanye's jumper in the wash so decided to wear it as a skirt instead

Primary fashion
32 of 99

Has a primary school class' entire box of art supples spilled over poor Kylie's dress?

All tied up
33 of 99

That's what you should be Kourt. Arrested for unmentionable crimes to the fashion industry

All penned in
34 of 99

Seriously, that primary school class need to be more careful with their felt tips

Beach ready
35 of 99

Who cares if it's a red carpet eh Kris? No need to change from your sunbathing stint on the shores

PVC to the max
36 of 99

To be fair, if Pepsi Max paid us £5k to wear this outfit we wouldn't say no either

Child's play
37 of 99

Cracking pins, but did you really need to wear a child's dress to show them off?

Bandaged up
38 of 99

Thank God Kylie's moved onto much more fashionable ground (literally) these days

39 of 99

Now where's that bottle? That genie needs to climb back in, pronto

West is not best
40 of 99

The ultimate sacrifice: wearing your husband's awful shoe designs

Getting hitched
41 of 99

When your dress isn't quite short enough, just keep hitching up and nobody will notice

Pull yourself to-leather (please don't)
42 of 99

Seriously, what is it with the momager and leather?

Gold digger
43 of 99

Well that's certainly one way of attracting attention...

Straight laced
44 of 99

A corset from Gulliver's Travels? We think not, Kris

Kolonel Mustard
45 of 99

Not exactly the world's most flattering shade

Sheer horror
46 of 99

Talking of caterers, now here's another lady who's fallen into waiting on tables

Austin Kowers
47 of 99

That's right Kourt, you should be cowering away in this awful shift dress

Close the curtain
48 of 99

No joke, we do actually think this is a real life curtain

Hooking up
49 of 99

We see Pretty Woman was on at the weekend...

Jump (please don't)
50 of 99

If you're going to wear something of Hugh Hefner's, you could've at least tit-taped yourself into it, Kim

Off the cuff
51 of 99

Are those actual metal cuffs around Kourt's ankles? We've seen some pretty horrific sights, but we're seriously worried about her pain threshold now

Through the keyhole
52 of 99

Keyhole tops are like sooooo '90s

53 of 99

Gangster chic with leopard accessories has never been a 'thing.' Sorry KJ

Full fringe
54 of 99

Been frolicking in a lavender field, Kourtney?

It's a wrap
55 of 99

We just wish that whole day was so that outfit can't penetrate our poor eyeballs anymore

Daring to bare
56 of 99

We can only hope this was in response to a dare. Otherwise there is absolutely no explanation

Reaching for the pot of gold
57 of 99

Khloe was very happy about competing in the Irish Dancing Championships

58 of 99

Really. It's OK to wear clothes that fit you sometimes

In leopardy
59 of 99

Leopard jumpsuits can be cool. But not if they involve palazzo pants and a lace-up front

60 of 99

We must admire the fact you managed to stretch an old tiara under your boobs, Khlo

Trench warfare
61 of 99

Paying homage to Scotland in this leather jacket with tartan trim. We don't think the Scots will be too thrilled, mind you...

Silver surfer
62 of 99

Did Scott Disick give Kourtney his old trews? How kind

Jumping jumping
63 of 99

Maybe if you could just jump away, we'd never have to see that pantsuit again

Suited and booted
64 of 99

Somehow we think we prefer the navy suit on Cara Delevingne

Sew no
65 of 99

Had an accident with the sewing machine, did you?

Feeling fierce
66 of 99

If there's one thing we've gauged about this family, it's that they are deffo not afraid of leopard print

Plastic fantastic
67 of 99

Lee from 911 called. He wants his jacket back

Creme de la creme de la la creme
68 of 99

Nobody can pull off top-to-toe cream, love

French miss
69 of 99

Part beach babe, part Parisian artist

Time traveller
70 of 99

Been raiding Romy and Michele's costume cupboard? Surely you could've found something better than that old thing

Scouting about
71 of 99

Joining the girl scouts, are we Kylie?

Reuse and recycle
72 of 99

And here's another way you can recycle your mum's old tights. Just in case the others weren't up your street

73 of 99

This is the kind of pattern we'd hope to see at the end of a kaleidoscope. Not on the red carpet

Feeling blue
74 of 99

How fresh faced does Kourtney look here? Let's just focus on that and not look down...

Walking on sunshine
75 of 99

Katrina (And The Waves) would be proud of this. Nobody else is

What a mesh
76 of 99

Turning yet another old pair of Kris Jenner's tights into a top. Such a resourceful family

77 of 99

Er, Kim? Your flies are undone

Winging it
78 of 99

Putting a whole new meaning to the term 'bingo wings'

Slipping up
79 of 99

We know they're comfy, but your grandad's slippers are never meant to be seen outside

Get your crocs off
80 of 99

Remember that song by Jimmy Nail called Crocodile Shoes? Well erm, yeah...

Sheerly does it
81 of 99

We bet that photographer was a happy chappy

Just beachy
82 of 99

Has Kendall been combing the beach to make her weird shell sleeves?

Flower power
83 of 99

Those flowers are certainly powerful. But not for the right reasons

Lady in red
84 of 99

Oi Kourt, have you got any shoes under there?

A cuppa tee
85 of 99

A stretchy old t-shirt simply will not suffice as an entire dress, Mrs West

Bandaging up
86 of 99

At first glimpse, we actually thought Kim had suffered a serious stomach injury

In the pink
87 of 99

So that's where all the Pink Ladies' jackets from Grease got to...

Flare mare
88 of 99

Someone's been digging out their old B*Witched albums...

Disco dolly
89 of 99

How sweet! If you were going to an under-18s disco, that is

Pantomime Dame
90 of 99

Yes you've got the part. Now go and change

Scoring a Birdie
91 of 99

Big Bird called. He wants his feathers back

Glitz n' tits
92 of 99

What more could we ask for?

Don't be a square
93 of 99

Correction: don't wear a square

Dance dance
94 of 99

Does this photo remind anyone else of being dropped off in the car park by the parents before the school disco?

War and peace
95 of 99

We'll tell you when we'll peace out. When outfits like this don't exist anymore

Club strip
96 of 99

Just in case you're wondering, yep this really is Kimmy K. But as to why she's dressed like a secretarial stripper, we have absolutely no idea

Buckle up
97 of 99

Fancy a bigger belt buckle, Kim?

Mad for mono
98 of 99

Back in the day, KK was all about matching EVERYTHING

Peachy keen
99 of 99

Those poor bosoms don't have any room to breathe! Thankfully these days they have lots more

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