Kris Jenner ‘a crying sobbing mess’ following criticism over Kendall Jenner’s ‘diva’ behaviour

Kris shuts down claims of Kendall being unprofessional

by Hayley Kadrou |
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Self proclaimed #ProudMama Kris Jenner has left a heartfelt message on Instagram, praising her daughter Kendall Jenner for all her hard work and success.

The mum of six posted the picture of the 19 year old’s Estee Lauder campaign as she lay asleep next to her, and expressed her pride in her work and dedication following the recent fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris.

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Kris said she, “just wanted to try and explain what I mean, every time I write, say or post #proudmama.”

She went on:

“As I sit on a plane on my way to Paris for Fashion Week, I am acutely aware of my baby girl Kendall lying next to me, fast asleep... Getting her rest for what will be another whirlwind of fittings/fashion shows/endless Glam/meetings/runways/dinners and events...”

The momager stressed that the teen did all this happily, saying:

“All done with joy and exhilaration and excitement and professionalism and intensity and focus.”

This comes after rumours spread recently that Kendall was less than professional at work, exhibiting diva-like behaviour.

Kris continued:

“She is beyond grateful, feels so blessed, and believe me, so grateful this is her career.

“Not sure anyone else might understand why I am a crying sobbing mess in my seat, when actually I feel like my heart could burst because I'm a #proudmama,

"Every Mother hopes and dreams that their children can reach for the stars and dream big... Well, if you really work hard, you can have just about anything you can possibly dream up.”

Stop it Kris, you’re making us all emosh over here…

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Kendall Jenner's 19th birthday in Instagram pictures

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