Kris Jenner stages ‘intervention’ with Scott Disick after he ‘goes nuts’ – soaks her with champagne

Kris Jenner has reportedly staged an ‘intervention’ in the hope it will calm Scott Disick’s partying.


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The 59-year-old is said to have had a stern word with her son in law after his antics ended with her getting drenched in champagne at a party for her birthday.

We can imagine she would be pretty miffed.

“He was going nuts,” an insider, who witnessed Kris’ $3,900 dollar dress getting a soaking at 1 OAK, revealed.

“Kris pulled him aside and told him he needed to stop all his craziness. Khloe and Kim love Scott, but they don’t like him with Kourtney.”

The telling off wasn't the first Scott's had from Kris
The telling off wasn't the first Scott's had from Kris

The atmosphere was tense after the incident, as pregnant Kourtney – who’s due to give birth to their third baby, a boy, later this month – was sat at home waiting for Scott to return home.

Kris’ telling off was just one in a long line for Scott, who in a recent episode of Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons, went to rehab to get help.

No one seems to know what to do about his erratic behaviour, with the insider adding to Us Weekly:

“Scott knows he has everything to lose but he doesn’t seem to care.”

Kourtney's trying to keep their family together

In June, Scott was hospitalised with alcohol poisoning and has struggled to stay away from drink ever since.

Friends close to the pair say they’re at breaking point (it’s no wonder really) but say Kourtney is determined to try and make work for their children.

The insider added: “Even though he’s a negligent boyfriend, Scott is a good dad. Kourtney doesn’t think like a partner – she thinks like a mum.”


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