Kyle Christie blasts his Geordie Shore co-stars behaviour as ’embarassing’

He's not happy with the lot of 'em.

Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie

by Heat |

When Holly walked back into the *Geordie Shore *abode after a MEGA arguement with her best pal Charlotte Crosby, we all knew things wouldn't be plain sailing - especially when they all voiced their opinions about Holly being back with Kyle...

charlotte crosby crying geordie shore

Charlotte even got a bit teary about Holly's decision:

She said: “I will never forgive him for making you feel that big, to feel that you have to be ashamed of the person you used to be because that’s not my best friend.

“I will always hate him for just destroying you as a person.”

And Aaron said he was "f*cking raging" about the whole situation.


So as a fellow viewer of last night's show, Kyle was quick to voice his views on the whole situation. And he didn't hold back.

Even though Holly and Kylie have now parted ways for good, it didn't stop Holly ranting on Twitter about how the show is made. She claimed that the producers have to go through what has happened in the break for continuity and that all the family knew she was back with Kyle before filming...


At least we'll get our dose of Hyle pretty soon as the pair are set to star in another MTV show together: *Car Crash Couples. *

Very apt.

Geordie Shore continues Tuesdays on MTV at 10pm.*

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