Kylie Jenner appears on boyfriend Tyga’s reality TV show!

King Kylie and King Tyga visit a children's hospital.

Kylie Jenner

by Maria Vallahis |

So Tyga's new reality TV show *Kingin' With Tyga *is king of taking off - if you like flashy private jets, music studio life, lots of bling bling and watching his adorable son, King Cairo.

Now, during an upcoming episode his 18-year-old girlfriend Kylie Jenner appears on the show to visit a children's hospital in LA and put a smile on the kid's faces.

Kylizzle and rapper Tyga arrived at the hospital to hand out gifts, take selfies and chat with the youngsters, who were so pleased to see the duo.

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As the *Keeping Up With The Kardashians *star gave one of the girls a hug, the child commented: "Hi, Kylie, oh, you're so beautiful."

While 25-year-old Tyga can be seen telling another patient: "We brought you some gifts, some clothes, some headphones, speakers."

Speaking on his good deedm Tyga also speaks on-camera to say: "I think it's good to work with like a children's hospital and I've been doing it for the last couple of years and every year is just getting bigger and better.

"I meet more kids and put more smiles on kids' faces." A staff member at the hospital adds: "It's a very cool thing for them. They need this kind of lift."

And as well as showing his softer side by visiting the children's hospital, Tyga also shows a lot of time spent with his son King Cairo:

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