Kylie Jenner brings boyfriend Tyga on GIRLS holiday- tut tut!

Kylie Jenner upset her siblings by bringing along new boyfriend Tyga to a private family holiday

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Kylie Jenner has broken the cardinal rule of a girls’ holiday, bringing along her BOYFRIEND.

Bad form, Kylie!

In a new sneak peek of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kylie is seen introducing her rapper beau as her boyfriend for the first time.

But her family were less than impressed when she brought him along to St Barts on what was supposed to be a ‘girls only’ trip.

Kendall was upset with Kylie

In the preview, Kim tells momager Kris and their sisters that Kylie, 18, has given Tyga, 25, permission to tag along.

Khloe tried to reason with her angry family members, telling them: "Listen, I get it, I would rather be with a man too,"

Kendall, 19, later confronts her sister, telling her: "I was really looking forward to this trip to hang out with you."

Tyga shows off his new tattoo

During the trip, dad-of-one Tyga revealed that he had inked Kylie’s name into his skin.

Noticing the tattoo, Kris shrieked: “Is that Kylie’s name!?”

This season looks set to be one of the most dramatic yet!

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