Did Kylie Jenner buy her OWN engagement ring?

Sources tell *heat* that Tyga got the bling on credit – meaning Kylie will end up paying for it

tyga and kylie jenner hide from paparazzi in june 2016

by Emmeline Saunders |
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Kylie Jenner news now, and after flashing a diamond ring almost as big as her giant lips, we've been running ourselves ragged trying to work out what's going on between her and on-off ex Tyga.

The result? Well, if you're into fairytale romances and swoon-worthy proposal stories, prepare to be severely disappointed.

Because it looks very much like Kylie bought her own engagement ring, AND that Tyga wanted to keep their commitment completely secret.

tyga and kylie jenner engaged ring
Oh, this ring? This ring I'm totally hiding from you all? Na, it's nothing!

As sources tell this week's heat magazine, the 18-year-old's family and friends are pretty horrified that Kylie would make such a bad decision to get back with her rapper ex – and they're worried he's only making amends to get back in her good books.

"Tyga had to come up with something big to get her back – and get back into her house and onto her credit cards, so he proposed," says our mole.

tyga and kylie jenner engaged ring

"Kylie said 'yes' and they were supposed to keep it secret for now, but she couldn't resist showing off the ring to silence the haters. Her family think he bought the ring on credit – so Kylie will ultimately have to pay for it, as he is completely broke."

Ahhh, young love!

Our insider went on: "All of the sisters are really angry, including Kendall, who was previously close to him. They all think Kylie is being stupid and that he is clearly taking advantage of her."

But it sounds like Tyga won't let a few multimillionaire naysayers stand in his way – he's determined to make this work, reckons our source.

"Tyga wants to marry Kylie because he knows he will be set for life.

"The problem is, he cheats and if he blows it again before they walk down the aisle, it'll be over. Kylie's family are trying everything to get her to split up with him, including offering the bribe of her own TV show, on the condition that Tyga's not involved.

"But Kylie is the most spoiled and headstrong member of the family by a mile and she always does what she wants. Everyone thinks she will marry him, get pregnant and end up basically ruining her life by the time she's 21."

kyile jenner tyga

But hang on a minute – isn't every single 18 year old in the universe supposed to go through this exact scenario? It's practically a rite of passage: date a bad boy, break up with him to keep her parents off her back, secretly get back together with him, buy her own £££ engagement ring, get offered her own reality show in return for getting rid of bad-boy boyfriend for good… wait, maybe not.

Read the full story (and loads more excellent celeb gossip) in this week's heat, out now.

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