Kylie Jenner responds to Ferrari crash rumours

She tweeted Jacke Quickenden of all people...

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Kylie Jenner has responded to the vicious social media rumours that she crashed her $320,000 Ferrari just hours after she was gifted it by her boyfriend, Tyga.

For some reason, Kylie who had just been celebrating her 18th birthday (along with lots of excited teenage boys on the internet) thought that X Factor and I'm A Celeb star Jake Quickenden should be the first to know that she was in fact, fine.

We're not going to lie, we never thought we'd end up talking about Kylie Jenner and Jake Quickenden in the same sentence...


So first off the reality TV hunk tweeted: "Kylie Jenner crashed her Ferrari Whatttttt.... Glad she's ok but that's 295,000 down the toilet."

But soon Kylie quashed the rumours that she had totalled the white Ferrari 482 Italia, which came wrapped in a big red bow, by quoting JQ on Twitter and adding that it was "Just a rumour". She also added a smiley face for good measure, as she's nice like that.

Jake, who hadn't even @ mentioned Kylie, was obviously over the moon with being acknowledged by reality TV royalty, and soon pinged back: "Bloody rumours ay!! Enjoy your Ferrari ✌️@KylieJenner"

Yep, nice one Jake Quickenden, we're sure Kylie will definitely go and enjoy her supercar now, she probably didn't consider 'enjoying it' in between taking Instagram pictures of it and debunking rumours she'd smashed it up to minor celebrities.

Still, good work on getting a quote from the lady herself, Jake. Let us know if you want a job at heat Towers!

Interestingly Jake's initial tweet didn't actually mention Kylie - also known as a sub-tweet to internet nerds - which means Kylie was probably searching for herself on Twitter. BUSTED!

And here are both of Kylie's b-day outfits
And here are both of Kylie's b-day outfits

So how did the rumours start? Well, proffessional bulls**t website - it's a bit like The Onion, but not clever - reported that Kylie had crashed her white Ferrari 482 Italia, and even mocked up fake images with their logo slapped across it.

The site claimed Kylie had accidentally slammed on the accelerator not realising the car was in reverse, then crashed into a car parked 30ft behind, leaving both Tyga and Kylie Jenner with minor cuts and bruises. The morbid story concluded that the pair then got an Uber taxi home.

Kylie posted a pic of her new whip on Instagram, another clue to its non-smashed-up-ness...

Why anyone would want to purposefully read fake news is beyond us. Sure, you might be tricked into clicking on that while perusing social media - just like Jake Quickenden - but surely you wouldn't get stung twice, right? Especially considering the site's other 'headlines' include "Real Life Fallen Angel Has Fallen From The Sky" and "Mother Sues Netflix After 'Netflix N Chill' Session Resulted In Her Daughter’s Pregnancy".

The site describes itself as "the most notorious urban satirical entertainment website in the world" with articles shared by "trillions around the world".

All the same, we're glad Kylie Jenner is safe, and even more glad Jake Quickenden has made an uber-famous Twitter pal. Well done, lad.


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