Is Kylie Jenner going to lose her $200,000 birthday present from Tyga?

He’s reportedly had some legal troubles…

Kylie Jenner

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For our 19th birthdays, we’re pretty sure we got a couple of bottles of shower gel and one of those Body shop gift sets. For Kylie Jenner’s 19th birthday, she got a $200,000 brand new Mercedes. C’mon, Kyles, it ain’t even a milestone.

She showed off the gift on Instagram, posting a vid of her looking all pleased with herself while admiring her brand new car. Lovely.

But it appears her excitement may be short lived, as Tyga is reportedly being sued for $480,000 over unpaid rent of his former Malibu home.

And the landlord’s legal team apparently suggested that they’re looking to collect money from the gifts Tyga has been splurging on.

The landlord, whose name is Boris Treyzon, told US magazine: “There’s a lot of activity with this going on, but he owes my client a lot of money and we are proceeding to collect that money from any expensive gifts to anyone that he gave or money he gave out,” Treyzon told US magazine.

“So basically, we want that money back! That would include Kylie’s new car he bought for her.”

This family has a habit of losing cars at the moment…

We’re sure she’ll be able to console herself with the 9375738 other lavish gifts she probably received – not forgetting the $164,000 Range Rover she treated herself too. We don’t feel sorry for her, basically.

Kylie celebrated her 19th birthday by looking hawt on a yacht with all her pals (and basically having a massive photoshoot). And we’re NGL, it did look INSANE.

She documented her day on Instagram, posting pics of her, her sister Kendall Jenner and a few other mates having what looks like the TIME OF THEIR LIVES.

You certainly are blessed, Kylie.

Kendall Jenner also got her a surprise gift of fireworks – which looked kinda scary.

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