Kylie Jenner has gone blonde!

We’re surprised that Kylie’s got any hair left at the rate she dyes it

Kylie Jenner

by Rosie Gizauskas |
Published on

Little Kylie Jenner has gone blonde – or at least got a blonde wig.

It does REALLY look like a wig, now we look a bit closer. Especially that dodgy-looking fringe. Yeah, we’re voting wig.


    Kylie changes her hair practically every week, and we’re mystified as to how she actually has any left (ours goes all weak and wilty with too much bleach).

    Kyles captioned the photo “@THELOVEMAGAZINE comin soooon”, so we take it she’s done a shoot with Love magazine.

    But she’s not the only Jenner/Kardashian doing a Love shoot round here: she’s got stiff competition from her sisters Kim and Kendall, too.

    Kim’s currently attempting to send the internet into meltdown all over again by getting her naked butt out in the new issue of the mag. Look here if you don’t believe us.

    Er, sexy.

    And Kendall is busy using Cara Delevingne as a human tree on the cover of the new issue. Kendall, didn’t you realise that Cara is a person with feelings and not just someone you can use as a ladder?

    We’re not even talking social climbing, because Kendall is literally climbing up Cara in this photo – though the photo is TOTALLY a cheeky metaphor for social climbing, now we think about it. Deep.

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