Want to look like you sleep around this Halloween? Wear a Kylie Jenner outfit, says dodgy dating site

There is nothing wrong with sleeping around

Kylie Jenner

by Georgina Terry |
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In today’s ‘WTF were you even thinking?’ news, an American dating website reckons that women dressed up as Kylie Jenner would be the most likely to go home with blokes.

Apparently, a Kylie costume topped the “most promiscuous costume of Halloween 2015” in a poll of 60,000 men.

The site, more on which in a minute, apparently asked its male members which female costume most suggests that the woman wearing it is “DTF”.

That means down to f*ck.


Eighty-one per cent of losers, sorry, users said Kylie, followed by Game Of Thrones' Khalessi, Princess Leia, a sexy nurse, Elsa from Frozen (OMGerd) and Nicki Minaj.

“Results of the survey found most single men think women who dress up as Kylie Jenner will be the easiest to get out of their costumes,” the website told Refinery29.

Okay, let’s talk about this.

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      Frankly, WhatsYourPrice.com can take their misogynist survey and shove it up their behind.

      In our opinion, like.

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