Kylie Jenner’s $12m hired help bill

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Kylie Jenner

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When you’re the world’s youngest billionaire, you’ve got to find somewhere to spend your moolah.

And once you’ve done the investments, bought every luxury car on the market and set up home in a sprawling mansion, what’s left to splash the cash on? Hired help, of course – $12m a year’s worth.

Well, you couldn’t expect Kylie Jenner to be doing things for herself when she’s got to dedicate her time to making more billions.

An insider close to the reality star tells heat, “She has a huge list of staff on her full-time payroll. She can easily burn through $1million a month – if not more."

"As well as a big security team, there are nannies on call 24/7 for [23-month-old daughter] Stormi, trainers, chefs, chauffeurs, pilots, stylists, a full-time social media team and an army of personal assistants."

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Kylie Jenner boyfriend timeline

Travis Scott1 of 8
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Travis Scott

Back in April 2017, it was rumoured Kylie was seeing US rapper Travis Scott and they made their first official outing as a couple just a few weeks later.In March 2018, the couple announced Kylie had given birth to a baby girl named Stormi, shocking the world as no one even knew she was pregnant. However, the pair called it quits in October 2019, just days after Travis released his Netflix documentary.

Tyga2 of 8
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Back in 2014, 18-year-old Kylie hit the headlines after it was revealed she was dating rapper Tyga, who was six years older than her. He was the former ex-boyfriend of Kim Kardashian's best friend Blac Chyna, so it was all looking quite strange.However, the pair lasted a long time, dating for around three years and reportedly splitting up in April 2017. During their relationship though, Kylie's brother Rob Kardashian got together, and had a child with, Tyga's ex Blac Chyna, which made the family dynamic very awkward... They were also plagued with split, engagement and pregnancy rumours over the three years. We can't keep up.

Miles Richie3 of 8
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Miles Richie

Before the age of 18 Kylie allegedly decided to get an illegal underage tattoo of this chap's initials on her bodily area. Soon after the new broke, Kylie and Miles were spotted cuddling in a car and news of them dating spread like wildfire.

Justin Bieber4 of 8
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Justin Bieber

Kourtney Kardashian may have been the latest member of Kylie's family to be linked to The Biebs, but it was once Kyles who was meant to have dated the singer.At one time, every time the Baby warbler was spotted with the reality star, speculation mounted that they were dating and as rumours swirled, Justin's ex Selena Gomez unfollowed Kylie on Instagram, prompting assumptions there was a rift between the pair…

Shamari Maurice5 of 8
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Shamari Maurice

Back in 2014 Kylie appeared to have a summer romance with Shamari Maurice as she plastered him all over her Instagram page. She captioned the images with messages like: "He loves to cuddle with me." But he soon disappeared and it looked like their summer "fling" was over quicker than some of the Love Island couples.

Lil Twist6 of 8
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Lil Twist

Nobody knows the full story about what happened between Kylie and Lil Twist but it seems they were more than just good friends. Previous to Lil, Kylie was dating Jayden Smith, but just days later she was spotted out jewellery shopping with Justin Bieber's best pal Twist. We seriously cannot keep up with the young 'ens these days.

Jaden Smith7 of 8
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Jaden Smith

Rumours these two were hooking up started doing the rounds in spring 2013 but their relationship was confirmed a few months later when they were spotted leaving a cinema holding hands. Their on-off relationship went on for a year before their romance fell off the radar. But they were apparently seen snogging the faces off each other again at Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kanye West in 2014.

Cody Simpson8 of 8
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Cody Simpson

Way back when they were early teens in 2011, Kylie and Cody dated but never made much of their relationship in public. After they split, pictures of them kissing were leaked, proving they were once a couple.

"The gardening and valet bills are huge, too, but Kylie’s more than happy to pay. She literally lives like royalty, and can afford to do this for the rest of her life without a problem.”

Scroll through the 22 year old’s Instagram and you’ll get a glimpse of Kylie’s lavish lifestyle, from the Mercedes and Rolls Royce cars parked on her driveway, to the Chanel handbags she takes when she pops to the shops.

Occasionally on her Insta-stories, fans get to see a curated “behind-the-scenes” snapshot of her life, which sees her surrounded by a team of helpers. It’s a lifestyle she’s very comfortable with, we’re told.

“Kylie has gotten so pampered these days, it’s not even funny,” our source reveals. “She barely lifts a finger without having some type of assistance, even if it’s just to make a cup of coffee or boil an egg.

"Her people trail after her like she’s a goddess, and Kylie wouldn’t have it any other way. Some of her friends and family agree that she’s gone way over the top. Sure, she’s done amazingly well for herself, making so much money at an early age – but the way she flaunts it is bordering on the obscene.”

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That being said, we imagine being on the Jenner payroll is not a bad place to find oneself. “Kylie’s argument is that she’s spending a lot of cash to give a lot of people a good living, and of course there’s plenty of truth in that.

"She’s not a bad boss to have – but anyone who’s around her finds it staggering how much help she insists on having.

"She just loves to splurge, safe in the knowledge it’s just a number to her, and she can afford virtually anything she wants.”

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