No one can comment on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram account anymore

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Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner has more followers on Instagram than there are people in the UK.

In fact, if she wanted to, the 18 year old could literally round up all of her followers and create a country called Kylie-land where everyone wears blingy Balmain dresses and uses selfies as currency. But we digress.

If you, like us, hang on Kylie's every pout on Instagram, then you will have noticed that there's no longer an option to comment on the queen of Insta-land's pics anymore. Errrr, why?

After Kim Kardashian posted THAT video to Snapchat, Taylor Swift's Instagram comments were flooded with snake emojis. Since all of the dramz (was there a life before the Kimye/Swift feud?), Instagram has made some changes. The app now allows certain users to moderate their comments and Kylie has decided to switch hers off altogether.

Instagram's Nicky Jackson Colaco told the Washington Post: "Our goal is to make Instagram a friendly, fun and most importantly safe place for self expression. We have slowly begun to offer accounts with high volume comment threads the option to moderate their comment experience.

"As we learn, we look forward to improving the comment experience for our broader community."

There are still comments visible on Kylie's posts from two days ago, so the star must have shut them down very recently.

Perhaps after celebrating turning 19 the other day (despite her birthday not being until 10 August), Kyls has decided that life's too short to deal with all the haters.

To mark being one step closer to no longer being a teen, Kylie bought herself a £150,000 Land Rover SV Auto biography edition and launched a birthday cosmetics collection. So, really, who cares what anyone thinks?

Maybe one day someone will care enough to troll our cat selfies and solitary trips to Starbucks… :'(

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