Kylie Jenner just spent MILLIONS on the house NEXT to hers

Because why not?

Kylie Jenner

by Jadie Troy-Pryde |
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Kylie Jenner has her fingers in a LOT of pies at the moment. As well has having a successful cosmetics company, she's the face of Puma, she's gracing the covers of glossy mags all over the world, and pretty much everyone wants a piece of her.

And now, she's got her foot well and truly secured on the property ladder after buying her third multi-million dollar home.

Which is pretty impressive for a nineteen year old. When we were nineteen we were splitting woo woo pitchers in Wetherspoons with at least three other people to keep the costs down.

Kylie's brother, Rob, (BTW have you SEEN how much he's been spending on Blac Chyna's pregnancy cravings?) may be about to launch his own reality TV show, but she's been busy checking dropping dollars on swanky pads in California.

According to TMZ, she's snapped up the new home in Hidden Hills (sounds a bit magical, doesn't it?) which is literally next door to the house she bought for $6 million back in May.

Apparently, the extra space is gonna be used as a bit of a hang pad for her mates, and as a workspace for her ever-growing beauty line.

Because everyone needs that bit of extra space when all your pals are over, and you need some calm space to get your creative on, don't they? It just happens that this new 'office' will have a pool AND a Jacuzzi.

We're now seriously considering whether there's enough space at heat HQ for a hot tub, because if it's good enough for Kylie – we want it.

She's took to Snapchat to give us a quick glance of the little extra space. Sorry, did we say little? We meant ABSOLUTELY HUGE.

Take a look for yourselves.

If you need any more mates to fill the space, Kylie, call us. Please.

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