Kylie Jenner shows us what her natural hair looks like and it’s hella cute

Kylie Jenner natural

by Aimee Jakes |
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If we were a contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (we know it's not a thing anymore, but pretend shh) and a question was 'What colour is Kylie Jenner's hair RN' a) platinum blonde b) Black c) Blue d) Green - we wouldn't have a bloody clue. We would wave goodbye to a sweet 1 mil and sob in the Uber home.

Not because we aren't knowledgable, like, we could literally get a degree in Kardashian - but the matte lipgloss connoisseur changes her hair more than we dyed ours aged 14 when we were obsessed with Paramore.

In fact, if Chris Tarrant let us phone a friend, it wouldn’t be a long shot giving Kris Jenner a call- she wouldn't know her youngest daughters hair colour either, we swear it changes THAT OFTEN.

So that's why we were pleasantly surprised to see Kylizzle upload a Snapchat of her hair lookin' all natural. COMPLETE WITH BABY HAIRS.

Kylie Jenner natural hair

Love-struck emojis galore.

The 19-year-old uploaded the picture of her with a top bun and a side fringe to her millions of followers and we think she looks hella adawwable.

This is MILES away of course, from the platinum blonde wig she donned at the Met Gala last week.

kylie jenner met

We love both tbh. You do you, hun.

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