Kylie Jenner’s new hair is HAWT

We approve

Kylie Jenner

by Polly Foreman |
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Every time Kylie Jenner gets a new hair style (which is on average about two times a day), we tend to go from "WHAT DA FUK IS THAT" to booking into some edgy east London hair salon to copy it within the space of a week.

Kylie Jenner

We're very impressionable, basically.

But we can all agree that, when it comes to hair, Kylie is pretty damn trendy. And her latest look is HAWT. She's showed off her bright red hair styled in reverse French braids – basically Ariel from The Little Mermaid if she was a trendy AF 2016 millennial.

We tried to imagine ourselves with it, and we've come to the conclusion we'd look completely and utterly ludicrous – but Kylie pulls it off because she's Kylie.

It's her 19th birthday today (we know - we always forget she isn't about 30 too), so we're presuming this new 'do was a birthday present to herself. For our last birthday we treated ourselves to a £3.99 bottle of shampoo, but each to their own.

And her birthday celebrations didn't stop at her hair. She bought herself a £165,000 Range Rover AND got a Mercedes from her boyfriend Tyga. Y,know, just in case she crashes one like that time her mum crashed a brand new £250,000 Rolls Royce.

We weren't entirely convinced Tyga actually paid for the car (he reportedly owes her million), but we're still jel AF.

A source told the Daily Star: "Kylie's poured millions into her ill-performing cosmetics company, plus she's quietly sponsored a bunch of Tyga's friends who've hit her up for that hundreds of thousands at a time."

Errr… we aren't sure having your new eye shadow palette selling out in under a minute can quite be regarded as "underperforming", but OK, source…

Still, we don't really like the Merc, TBH. Kinda looks like something our dads would drive.


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