Did Kylie Jenner just admit to plastic surgery on Instagram?!


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by Polly Foreman |
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Those of you with an Instagram account will probably be aware of Kylie Jenner’s INSANE Barbie photoshoot for Flaunt magazine she uploaded yesterday.

She looks INCREDIBLE, and we briefly considered popping out to the shop for a blonde wig.

We probably won’t, cos that would be really weird.

ANYWAY, a few people seem to think that there was more than meets the eye to the photoshoot – and some believe it to be her admission to the world she’s had plastic surgery.

Up until now, she has only ever admitted to having temporary lip fillers, and has vehemently denied claims she’d had her boobs, bum, etc etc done.

But in one of the pics from the photoshoot, it appears she’s hinted at having a boob job.

She captioned it: “life in plastic it’s fantastic”, and there is what looks like a visible mark on the side of her breast.

People were commenting things like “finally she admits that she's plastic. WE ALL KNEW SHE WOULD OWN UP TO THE TRUTH ONE DAY” and “You are totally made by plastic”.

Of course, this is entirely speculation - the quote could be in reference to nothing more than the Aqua song, and the ‘mark’ could just be a bra strap. All we know for sure is she’s lookin smokinnnnnnnn.


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