Kylie Jenner poses with one very SMILEY Kanye West!

Possibly Yeezy's biggest smile EVER.

kanye west kylie jenner tyga

by Maria Vallahis |

Doesn't Kanye West have a lovely smile, when he does choose to show it?

Kylie Jenner seems to have done the impossible and got Yeezy to smile, but not only did she get him to show us his grin, she got him to show off a HUGE grin.

The newly turned 18 year old shared a picture of some photo booth snaps with herself, Kanye, Tyga and some other pals.

Telling her 33 million Instagram followers, Kylizzle captioned her shot: "Squaa." Shortened version of squad, we guess? We're not down with the kids these days.

Photo booth fun.

Aside from getting Kanye to appear in *one *smiley shot, Kylie got the *FourFiveSeconds *rapper posed for a couple more shots, which means he was enjoying himself. We want to see more of this softer side Mr West.

It's also nice to see that Kanye gets on well with his sister-in-law and her boyfriend Tyga. Wifey Kim Kardashian must be pleased.

And earlier that day it was pamper time.

Earlier that day, Kylie posted another picture showing her fans that "it was about that time again" to redo her acrylic nails.

Nice little glittery coat there, King Kylie.

Kylie Jenner sexy photoshoot 18th birthday:


Kylie Jenner sexy photoshoot 18th birthday

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