Kylie Jenner has been trolling HERSELF LOL

First a porn site and now THIS


by Ruby Norris |
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So, Kylie Jenner is kinda bossing it on social media.

She's got over 79 million Instagram followers and 18.8 million on Twitter.

For real.

And for the most part she rakes in a load of likes and doting comments from adoring fans on her perfect selfies.

(Sidenote: you can find out how Kylie achieves the ultimate selfie here.)

But this is 2016 – the year of Brexit, Donald Trump becoming President and the end of THAT Harry Potter romance – so it's not all sunshine and love is it? IS IT?

And sometimes Kylie Jenner gets trolled.

She was even trolled by a porn website the other day.

Porn Hub sent her a really, really creepy message in response to the launch of her shop.

And they also sent her a sleazy AF birthday message back in August:

We're not entirely sure why they're trying to slide into Kylie's DMs, but we suspect it's somehow a sly little reference to her big sister Kim Kardashian's sex tape with Ray J. (It was made OVER THIRTEEN YEARS AGO.)


(Another sidenote: it seems like Ray J hasn't moved on either as he's just released another song slamming the Kardashians.)

Anyway, Kylie seems to have stayed one step ahead of the keyboard warriors this time and has TROLLED HERSELF.

Yep, that's right.

Kylie has shown everyone she's up for a larff like the rest of us and has trolled herself with her new clothing line.

Remember back in January when Kween Kylie put life into perspective with her philosophical New Year's video.

She predicted that 2016 would be the year of just "like, realising stuff."

Proust, eat your heart out.

Well, now Kylie has had all the BANTER and created a t-shirt for her new clothing line with the slogan: "Like, realizing stuff."

She posted the pic on Instagram along with the caption: "This year is just the year of…"


But it turns out she was actually kinda right, as people have been flooding the internet with claims that 2016 HAS actually been the year of realising stuff.

Who knew, eh?

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