Kylie and Kendall Jenner show off their fab abs while on holiday with their Kardashian sisters

Body selfies only.

kylie and kendall jenner

by Maria Vallahis |
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The Kardashian/Jenner Klan are currently on holiday in the Caribbean minus Kylie Jenner - who has finally joined her family in St Barts. Yay.

Kylizzle took to her Instagram account to share a snap with her sister Kendall as they posted in the bathroom, bikini body selfie.

"We woke up in paradise," is the what Kylie captioned her shot.

Who's who?

In other news, Kylie unveiled her new tattoo while partying in Montreal, Canada, as she continues to celebrate her 18th birthday... even though that was six days ago.

We can't blame you, Kylie, if we were a professional, rich and famous person, we'd probably celebrate our birthday for weeks on end too, along with half-birthdays, quarter-birthdays and heck, probably just monthly birthdays that we celebrate for a whole month.

In other, other news, Kylie is also selling her 2014 Range Rover Autobiography, because she hasn't got enough room in her £1.7 million mansion for it anymore.

It's a good week to be Kylie Jenner then.

Kylie Jenner sexy photoshoot 18th birthday:


Kylie Jenner sexy photoshoot 18th birthday

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