Lads, get swiping: Hilary Duff is on Tinder!

Hilary Duff is the latest A-lister to sign up to Tinder


by Fiona Day |
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Former child star and super gorgeous actress Hilary Duff has admitted that she is now on Tinder!

Following her divorce from hockey player Mike Comrie, the 27-year-old is the latest singleton to sign up to the hugely successful dating app.

Speaking on the phone to On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Hilary addressed rumours after fans claimed to have spied her on the site.

She told the radio show: “It kind of started out to be a joke with some of my girlfriends. I was like, 'Explain this whole thing to me because it's kind of blowing my mind.

“We were swiping and it started out to be kind of a joke and then I was like, 'I'm gonna join Tinder,' and they were like, 'What?! No way you can't.' And I was like, 'Why can't I? Yeah, I absolutely can.'

Hilary is mum to son Luca
Hilary is mum to son Luca

“I never thought anything was really going to happen. I was talking to a few of the guys and they were really normal.”

The mum-of-one eventually went on a Tinder date with a lucky guy named Tom.

Hilary said: “We went bowling so we didn't have to talk too much, but we did talk a lot actually.

“He was cool. He brought a friend and I had some friends there. He used to be in editing for reality shows. Now, he's an actor and he just wrote a play. He's an interesting guy. To be honest, I don't really want an actor either … I think he has a few jobs.”

So if you’re in LA anytime soon, get Tindering! You never know, you might end up matching with a star.

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