Lady Gaga has released her new song at Coachella and it’s a banger

It's The Cure to our Coachella FOMO

Lady Gaga releases song The Cure

by Aimee Jakes |
Published on

While you're stuffing your face with bacon and sausage (we are not rifling through your bins, we promise) the lady who fashioned processed meat into an actual OOTD has released a brand new song whilst headlining at Coachella.

Yaaaaaaas Lady Gaga.

Though we are suffering from acute 'FOMO' at not wearing a mermaid crown and partying with the Jenners, at least we are content at the fact we can listen to this CHUUUNE whilst snuggly in our bed covers. Whilst nestled around Nestle chocolate, knowing that tonight we won't have to deal with the usual existential crisis because tomorrow is ANOTHER DAY OFF. Hallelujah. What a glorious time to be alive.

Are you ready for Lady GaGa's new song? Are ya? Well, it's called The Cure and it's from her album 'Joanne'. We are feelin' it.


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