Lady Gaga tells fans off for fighting over her coat

Gaga shocked fans with her scolding


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It’s been clear for a long time that Lady Gaga has a thing about coats. She made headlines in 2012 with her bizarre and rambling explanation of her love of the fur coat – “You see carcass, I see museum piece de resistance” - and she’s such a fan of the item that, on occasion, she’s appeared to consider it the only necessary piece of clothing.

So it’s hardly a surprise that she developed acute attachment issues after chucking her jacket into the heart of the audience during a recent gig.

The singer threw her neon jacket into the audience during one of her ArtRave: The ArtPop Ball shows in Belgium. But when fighting broke out amongst fans, who appear to have loyally started channeling her obsession, Gaga shocked the crowd by asking for it back.

She shouted: “If you’re going to fight, you don’t get to keep it,” as they scrapped over the jacket.

Good old Gaga then assumed the unlikely role of a stern schoolteacher as she held her hand out over the front row and waited for the fans to give it back.

Noble diplomat or spoilt child who hasn’t yet learnt you can’t give presents and then ask for them back?

Still, once the coat was back safe in the hands of one of the pop queen’s presumably very trusted dancers, Gaga seemed to relax again, blowing a kiss to the crowd and saying: “And don’t worry, I still love you.”

Hopefully they’ll be as forgiving as she is.

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