Lady Gaga is threatening to sue BREAST MILK ice-cream company for stealing her name

She’s gone gaga, apparently

Lady Gaga

by Hayley Kadrou |
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Lady Gaga has threatened to sue a London based company, The Licktators, for using her name to title one of their products – breast milk ice cream, nonetheless.

Well, her stage name. Her real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, obvs.

Her lawyers are allegedly citing trademark infringements against the company for naming their special edition flavour Royal Baby Gaga, which was brought out to mark the birth of Princess Charlotte in May.


The ice cream that’s got Gaga in a twist (we thought this kind of thing would be right up her street, actually) is made using human breast milk (as opposed to cow breast milk, which is just milk) that is donated then screened in line with hospital standards before being whipped up and frozen.

And it comes in a tub featuring a breastfeeding woman on the front, who looks suspiciously like Duchess Kate herself, just in case you miss it.

Anyway, Gaga’s solicitors think that the product could be mistaken for an official Lady Gaga product and lead people to believe the use of her name has been authorised.

But a spokesperson from The Licktators, Nadine O’Connor – AKA “General Custard" – told The Mirror that the sweet treat “neither names nor features Lady Gaga, nor are her trademarks infringed.

“We will not be bullied into removing content from social media relating to our product and subsequent media coverage."

Gaga’s people are requesting that all offending words are removed from social media and for them to no longer be in use within 14 days.

General Custard went on: "However, we will send complimentary tubs of our ice cream to Lady Gaga for chilling out to, as a gesture of peace and goodwill.”

So there you have it.

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