Lauren Goodger reveals that she WILL try for a baby with jailed boyfriend Joey Morrison

Lauren can't wait to start a family

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Picking our favourite ever reality star is like choosing a favourite child, but we'd have to we'd have to admit that TOWIE's Lauren Goodger is one of our ultimate faves.

From her philosophical Insta quotes to her devotion to her jailed boyfriend Joey Morrison – Lauren has stayed celibate for a year for her man and has defended her relationship with him multiple times - we will always be obsessed with the Goodge.

Joey, who’s been behind bars since 2009 for possession of a firearm, kidnap and blackmail, will finish his sentence in just 21 months and Lauren is apparently keen to try for a baby when he is on day release – meaning that the baby could be born when Joey is officially released.

Lauren has made no secret about her sexual frustration in the past but recently confirmed that she's still celibate and the pair have never been intimate.

Opening up to Now magazine, Lauren revealed her plans for their first night together.

"Well, I’ve been celibate for a year, so...It will be amazing to spend some time with him on our own.

"Maybe cook some dinner together, spend the night together. Do normal things that we haven’t been able to do."

And when asked about the claims that she wants to try for a baby as soon as possible, she replied: "I’d like it to happen. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I want a baby and the sooner the better."

Lauren Goodger Joey Morrison
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Alongside making up for lost time in the bedroom department (oi-oi) Lauren has confessed that she can't wait to get married and revealed that she wants TWO WEDDING CEREMONIES. Blimey.

Speaking to Closer magazine back in March, Lauren said: "I can’t wait to get married and I'd love two weddings. I want to keep one of the weddings really traditional with a church and a beautiful reception, and then I'd have a celebration abroad on the beach with a live band.

"I've met the love of my life and that's the most important thing. Now bring on the bash!"


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