Lauren Goodger and boyf Jake McLean slather themselves in CHOCOLATE BODY PAINT for FOXY BINGO

What in the world is going on?

Lauren Goodger

by Hayley Kadrou |
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Is this a dream? Is doesn’t feel real. This doesn’t feel like a real sentence we should be typing, but here we go: Lauren Goodger and boyfriend Jake McLean are now the face of Foxy Bingo’s ‘deliciously naughty’ chocolate body paint, Fur Afters.

Speaking of her new business venture, Lauren said: “Foxy gave me a call and asked me to be the face of his new chocolate body paint. I’ve known Foxy for years, he’s one of my best mates, so I of course said yes. Fur Afters is really tasty too, I love it!”


Best friends with a fictional fox, Lauren? Maybe you need to get back in touch with your old TOWIE pals.

And before we get into the ex-The Only Way Is Essex stars’ chocolatey pics, can we just ask, what does body paint have to do with online bingo?

Maybe only middle-aged online gamblers know.

Right, now we know Lauren is a fan of fake tan – she even has her own line called Lauren’s Way – but this is a step too far in her bronzing mission.

Posing with Jake and Foxy, Lauren lathered herself in chocolate body paint, which we’re sure Jake enjoyed licking off later – the sly fox!

Jake said: “I get a bit nervous when Foxy and Lauren are together. I came along to keep an eye on the Foxy but now I can’t wait to take Fur Afters home!”

Right… If you’re interested trying it out, then follow these instructions:

Apply generously with your choice of sprinkles.

Happy snacking, peeps.

Lauren Goodger and Jake Mclean lather themselves in chocolate body paint for Foxy Bingo


Lauren Goodger and Jake Mclean lather themselves in chocolate body paint for Foxy Bingo

Foxy-6510 low res1 of 6

Foxy-6510 low res

Lauren looks at Foxy with loving eyes. Watch out, Jake.

Foxy-6619crop low res2 of 6

Foxy-6619crop low res

Things heat up between the pair.

Foxy-6775 low res3 of 6

Foxy-6775 low res

Before things get messy...

Foxy-6894 low res4 of 6

Foxy-6894 low res

Jake demonstrates how to apply Fur Afters' chocolate body paint.

Foxy-7063 low res5 of 6

Foxy-7063 low res

Jake looks like he's had an accident.

Foxy-7144 low res6 of 6

Foxy-7144 low res

Lauren strikes a pose

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