Lauren Goodger defends her boyfriend’s rapper brother

"People need to calm down"

Lauren Goodger

by Helena Cartwright |
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Lauren Goodger's controversial relationship with Joey Morrisson is all anyone can talk about.

He's currently serving 17 years in prison and she has spoken openly about supporting him while in there.

In fact, just yesterday, she let her Instagram followers know that she had just visited him.

Well, now it looks like she's supporting his brother too.

His brother goes by the stage name, Morrisson, and has just released a song called Crowbar In My Bag, which incidentally Lauren appears in.

It's not exactly a starring role…more, her face is in a picture frame in the background.

It also looks like the whole video might actually have been filmed in her home too.

Lauren Goodger

Anyway, he has come under fire for some of its controversial lyrics, which include "If a man try and get in my crib, I’m gonna get him in front of my kids" and "I’ve stabbed a man up."

Hm, catchy.

She supposedly posted her support for the song on social media but went on to delete it after receiving some backlash.

But speaking in her column for Now, Lauren has spoken out about it.

“There was a story claiming I support one of his brother Stephen’s rap songs, which they claim glamorises crime," she wrote.

“I’ve met him a few times and we were with his family on Christmas Day so, from what I know of him so far, he’s a family man who does music as a hobby.

Lauren Goodger Instagram

“People need to calm down," continued Lauren.

"Most rap songs contain these sorts of lyrics - Eminem and Jay Z are prime examples and they’ve been in the charts with platinum-selling albums!

“At the end of the day, it’s just music - what he raps about doesn’t make him a bad guy.”

Well, that's that then.


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