Lauren Goodger gets her huge boobs out and makes a mess getting ready in her living room

That dressing gown's a bit tight, Lauren.


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Human selfie stick Lauren Goodger has appraised the world and found it wanting. Quite frankly, Lauren Goodger could’ve done a better job with humanity. And Lauren Goodger is about to show us just how it should be done. Only thing is, she’s running a bit late. And her massive boobs are out. Oh god, and her living room’s a bit of a tip. Actually, while you’re here, would you mind just running the hoover round? Maybe give that leather sofa a quick wipe down? Ta, love.

Yeah, ex-TOWIE star Lauren’s been giving her Instagram followers an eyeful this morning, sharing this snap of her with a good 95 per cent of her ginormous jubblies on show.

In the selfie, Lauren’s wearing the kind of black dressing gown that’s really seen better days, especially if – as it looks like – she’s had it since actual childhood.

And on the floor all around her is the result of a major wardrobe malfunction. No, not like that – like her wardrobe has literally malfunctioned and spat her clothes EVERYWHERE.

She captioned the pic: “I make a mess when I get ready □.” Yeah. We’ll say, Lauren.

The 28-year-old, who will be joining us on our big sofa this Saturday evening as part of heat’s Big Night In, has had a bit of a tricky few days as she was embroiled in yet another Twinstergram (yeah, we’ve just made that up) storm after posting a picture of Carmen Electra’s boobs.

Some of Lauren’s fans thought she was trying to claim Carmen’s chestal region was her own, and she quickly deleted the image.

Her agent later explained: “Anyone that follows Lauren knows that she loves Carmen Electra and has openly spoken about her as a body idol.

“She has never once suggested or insinuated and nor would she, that the picture is her – it is nothing more than a tribute to a woman whose body she admires.”

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