Have Lauren Goodger and Jake McLean SPLIT – a week after she promised to “massage you and run your bubble bath”?

They’ve unfollowed each other on Instagram, so we’re not expecting a happy ending tbh


by Emmeline Saunders |
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Chapter 873 in the great Lauren Goodger tome of life drama, and it looks like she’s broken up once again with on-off boyfriend Jake McLean after the two unfollowed each other on Instagram.

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    It comes a week after she got into hot water for posting an overly sickly-sweet message about “wanting the best” for her man, which led several followers to tell her to stop being ridiculous.

    (Then some clever-clogs worked out she was just referring to a Destiny’s Child song, and everything was OK.)

    The couple got back together just four months ago and went public with their relationship in the summer, even doing a super-cringe photoshoot together to promote Foxy Bingo in August.

    At the time, Lauren told the Daily Mail: “We know each other quite well now. We’ve definitely grown up and matured. We’re in a totally different place.

    “Sometimes you do feel like you need a little break to realise you want to be with each other. It can be healthy. You come back and do it properly, and that’s what we’ve done.”

    Awkwardly, Lauren even got Jake’s name tattooed on her wrist this summer to show her commitment, but now it looks like they’re definitely on the rocks.

    Over the weekend, she posted this ‘inspirational’ quote to her Instagram, captioning it: “The one thing about me is I don't hate even when I feel sad - I will just pray for you and leave you B #knowyourworth #loyalty.”

    She then shared another selfie with the caption: “I can see my future and I can't wait to meet you #everythinghappensforareason #focused #fit #clean #loyal #career #independent #changed #grown #strong.”

    If that doesn’t clearly indicate that Lauren is single and ready to mingle once again, we don’t know what would...

    Lauren Goodger and Jake Mclean lather themselves in chocolate body paint for Foxy Bingo


    Lauren Goodger and Jake Mclean lather themselves in chocolate body paint for Foxy Bingo

    Foxy-6510 low res1 of 6

    Foxy-6510 low res

    Lauren looks at Foxy with loving eyes. Watch out, Jake.

    Foxy-6619crop low res2 of 6

    Foxy-6619crop low res

    Things heat up between the pair.

    Foxy-6775 low res3 of 6

    Foxy-6775 low res

    Before things get messy...

    Foxy-6894 low res4 of 6

    Foxy-6894 low res

    Jake demonstrates how to apply Fur Afters' chocolate body paint.

    Foxy-7063 low res5 of 6

    Foxy-7063 low res

    Jake looks like he's had an accident.

    Foxy-7144 low res6 of 6

    Foxy-7144 low res

    Lauren strikes a pose

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