Are Lauren Goodger and Joey Morrison ENGAGED?

You what?

Lauren Goodger engaged

by Carl Smith |
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We don't wanna alarm you, but Lauren Goodger's been showing off a pretty fancy ring on her fourth finger, left hand over on Instagram and now our mind's no less than RACING, wondering if she's engaged.

This is the kind of thing that occupies about 80% of our thoughts. We're cool with that.

Lauren's dating Joey Morrison who's currently in actual prison; and while there have been rumours they're on the rocks lately her latest Instagram Story heavily hints the pair might be engaged. That, or she's a massive tease.

Lauren Goodger engaged

Without saying a word, Lauren simply chucked a vid on her story showing off said faaaancy ring; which has obviously got everyone at heatworld HQ wedding hat shopping despite the fact we'll most likely not be receiving an invite.

This all comes as it's reported the pair ain't in the best of places atm, with a source telling The Sun: "Lauren and Joey had a furious argument and they came close to breaking up. They aren’t in a good place right now."

Not ideal.

They continued: "The timing was bad given everything that happened with Mark [Wright] last week. Lauren is madly in love with Joey but their circumstances make it incredibly frustrating.

"What would have been a normal argument for another couple turned into a blazing row. It wasn’t pretty and she made it clear how unhappy she was about what was going on between them."

Oh come on, love. Put us out of our misery 'ere.


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