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In terms of original reality telly ladies, Lauren Goodger sets the bar high. She was the QUEEN of Essex back in the day, lording it up in her manor alongside the Wrights.

Lauren Goodger and Mark Wright

Her days on TOWIE were never built to last, getting engaged to a serial lothario who went on to break her heart so so many times never did her any favors and it generally just caused her many years of agg.

And even when Mark married Michelle Keegan, he was still having a go at the poor girl on Twitter, and doesn't regret his massive rant either.

But good ol' Lauren hit right back at Mark.

A couple we're glad broke up...
Lauren Goodger and Mark Wright. Otherwise Mark and Michelle Keegan would have NEVER happened and we love M & M. Sorry Lauren, you are lovely and we hope you find true love elsewhere.

So when she said goodbye to the show we all breathed a major sigh of relief.

We initially thought she’d fade away into the background, go back to working in a bank or maybe on a farm. BUT NO. The Goodge never fades away. She’s one of the few TOWIE originals that have kept permanently relevant.

How does she do it? Why do we love her so much? Why do we breathe a big sigh when she posts another cryptic (and sometimes offensive) Instagram quote?

Why do we love/hate Lauren so much? Let us count the ways.

Lauren Goodger's Tan, Makeup and Hair

Many are quick to quip that Lauren has never had what they call a ‘proper job’, that she gets all her $$$ from mag deals and all that lark.

But you’re all wrong.

Lauren’s Way tan AND salon is one of the most thriving TOWIE businesses of ALL TIME and it’s made her millions.

She’s 100% the British Kylie Jenner merged with a little bit of Kim K. She’s constantly told to calm down on the pout front.

Does she listen to anyone? Of course she doesn’t.

And she's still keeping her hair in check, because her new look is part of her new healthy regime.

Lauren Goodger's Instagram and Twitter

You can follow her on Instagram here: @laurenrosegoodger

And Twitter here: @LaurenGoodger

Her ability to just put her foot in it, even when she doesn’t mean to, is outstanding.

Be it an Instagram post about weightloss, a suspicious looking cigarette or sharing a quote that could be taken a way that is deemed offensive, Lauren always seems to FORGET that she’s famous.

Which makes it really fun for everyone else.

But Lauren admits she gets it wrong sometimes. She’s only human.

Whether she's talking about her sex life, or advising someone on whether they should get a nose job, Lauren always tell it like it is...

And to watch Lauren speaking to heat about The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing, amongst other stuff, you've come to the right place!

Lauren Goodger's relationship with Jake

Is Jake the one? Are they going to have babies? Will they ever stop breaking up and getting back together? Will Lauren ever get over Mark Wright?

People are always going to ask these questions, but what should really matter is the fact that she’s HAPPY. Plus she must like him enough to lick his sweaty toes…

Lauren Goodger's Weight Loss

In case you hadn’t noticed, Lauren recently overhauled her lifestyle, her look and her approach to fitness.

And she's not one to shy away from showing off her new bod, either. Lauren recently posted some snaps to Instagram to prove her killer figure was better than Chloe Ferry and Charlotte Crosby's.

Lauren Goodger's Fitness DVD

Her OMG! Workout DVD has become a bestseller and the whole thing hasn’t ended up being a fluke or a failure. However, she has ended up hating past-Lauren, which is a shame because there was nothing wrong with her before.


Speaking to The Sun Lauren admitted:

“Who the hell is that? Who’s that beast?’ I’d run away if I saw that coming.

“I don’t recognise myself. It’s horrendous and really embarrassing for me. Can you imagine being me, how vain I am, and seeing that?

“But I did something about it and I won’t ever look like that again. I completely lost Lauren but I feel like she’s back now.”

But PLAYBOY contacted her. It doesn't get much better than that, does it?

Lauren Goodger and TOWIE

BUT she’s glowing with self-confidence, there’s been more belfies than ever before and she even felt confident enough to make a return to TOWIE at Christmas.

Could we see a permanent return for The Goodge?

Long may the Goodge reign!


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