Lauren Goodger looks HOT in just a leather jacket

We're a bit worried she's going to catch cold though

lauren goodger

by Heat |

Lauren Goodger has been causing a bit of a leathery storm over on her instagram, posting two particularly raunchy snaps involving her, a leather jacket, and a lot of skin.

As part of a new photoshoot, the TOWIE star looks absolutely stunning - posing in a leather jacket and nothing else. While it looks great on insty, we hope she didn't then nip to Tesco to pick up some milk like this.

Here's another pic, which is less focussed on the jacket and more on her, erm, assets, which we must applaud. And by assets we mean boobs, Lauren. We're talking about your top boobs.

These pictures come at a happy time, as Lauren is currently totally loved up with boyfriend Jake McClean - to the extent that, according to her latest column, he's getting a tattoo of her name. She wrote: “He hasn’t had any tatts done for ages because he’s been so busy. It’s really sweet of him, but I have told him there’s no rush”

Lauren already has a tribute to Jake on her wrist, after famously getting ex Mark Wright's name lasered off her crotch. It's also good to see her celebrating all the hard work she's put into her fitness and beauty regime over the last few months with these leather jacket pictures.

Rumoured to have lost a whopping 4 stone, she recently posted a photo of herself before and after the weight loss with the caption "I've worked hard to be fit and strong I train hard and enjoy eating good clean food and give my body what it needs.

"Anyone can change and become who THEY want 2 be anyone can be "skinny" but it doesn't make you happy! That's not what I represent. I woke up today and I love my body."

Good for you, Lauren!

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