Lauren Goodger posts EIGHT bikini selfies in FOURTEEN minutes – PHEW

Lauren Goodger posts eight selfies in fourteen minutes, COME OFF IT!


by Fiona Day |
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Ex-TOWIE star Lauren Goodger is clearly enjoying her summer holidays, so much so that she felt obliged to take eight selfies in less than fifteen minutes. The pictures, which feature Lauren in a purple bikini showcasing her signature pout and selfie sideways glance, were taken as she ‘relaxed’ by the pool.

Only one of the snaps had a caption, with Lauren writing: “Let me take a selfie.” Judging by the reaction of her Instagram followers to the onslaught of bikini snaps, Lauren apparently is not allowed to take another selfie… One fan wrote: “How many pictures do you need to instagram??”


Lauren Goodger selfies

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Another Instagram user moaned: “Am I on your page or are you just taking over my timeline??? One picture would have been enough!” One Lauren Goodger fan the star some (sensible) words of wisdom. “Live in the moment, put down the camera and enjoy your holiday xx.”

Some hardcore Goodger fans stood up for the selfie obsessed celeb, with one commenting beneath one of the eight snaps: “Loving all the jealous girls comments on her pics, and she doesn't give a f**k cos she keeps uploading more pics, that's it ya girl ye keep it up (sic).”

Lauren, we love your selfies but maybe space them out a lil bit?

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