Lauren Goodger and Russell Kane ’spring clean’ for animal charity PDSA

Celebs raising money for animals- yay!

Lauren Goodger with Teddy the dog

by Fiona Day |

The likes of Lauren Goodger, Anthea Turner and Russell Kane have joined forces with charity PDSA to raise money to help sick animals.

The charity has been receiving less donations than usual over the past few months, but hopefully the organisations celeb pals will help change that.

The showbiz animal-lovers are encouraging people to have a ‘spring clean’ and donate their unwanted items to PDSA charity shops up and down the country.

Lauren said about the campaign: “PDSA is an amazing charity and saves animals’ lives every day. But they need us to keep their shop shelves full by donating all those clothes, bags and shoes we no longer wear. So why not have a spring clear-out and help poorly pets?”

Comedian Russell Kane is dad to two pugs named Colin and Jent (great names, right?) and knows how important it is for pet owners to be able to afford healthcare for their furry friends.

Russell Kane (Image: Matt Crockett)

“I know just how much pets mean to people. I hate it when my pets are under the weather, so it’s vital that PDSA is here for those owners who struggle to afford vet bills. If I can do my bit to help bring in more stock, then I’m more than happy to lend a hand.”

Lauren Goodger with Teddy

Philip Klette from PDSA says: Stars like Lauren, Russell and Anthea can reach so many people and we are thrilled that they care enough about pets to help our appeal in this way.

“Our donations of stock are down by around 138,000 bags since 2011 which means less items to sell to help pay for vital pet care in our Pet Hospitals. But we’re hoping that our star supporters can help reverse this trend, get those racks full again and continue to ensure we help as many poorly pets as possible.”

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