Did Lauren Goodger steal a bum selfie from US model Carmen Ortega?

Will Lauren's bum-pinching ways land her in court?

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by Emmeline Saunders |
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Lauren Goodger has pinched a bum so hard she could end up in court…

No, not quite like that - the ex-TOWIE star has been accused of stealing US model Carmen Ortega's recent bum selfie and passing it off as her own, and now Carmen is threatening legal action against Lauren since she's refusing to apologise.

It all kicked off last week when Lauren, 28, Instagrammed a snap of 'her' butt and captioned it "Nightmare wife".

But it didn't take long for her eagle-eyed followers to spot a few similarities between Lauren's image and one Carmen had posted a few days earlier. The only differences seemed to be that the woman's waist had been photoshopped to look wider in Lauren's version and a filter had been slapped over it to lighten her hair.

The offending image

Lauren quickly removed the offending snap once everyone had cottoned on and attempted to make amends by posting a picture of Carmen - her face this time - and writing: "My body inspiration I love Carmen she is amazing! Us girls need rate each other not hate each other! It's all love□I love looking at beautiful women #inspiration#motivation."

But Carmen, 27, wasn't impressed, and according to the Sun is now talking tough about taking Lauren to court - despite never having met the Reality star.

"I am speaking with my attorney. I have already offered her the chance to publicly apologise, but she won't," Carmen said in a statement.

"I feel violated. I honestly feel sad that she would be so desperate to do such a thing. I work really hard on my body and looks, and my modelling career is on the rise because of my hard work," she continued.

"For someone to steal, alter and imposter is absolutely not OK. Obviously she has been stalking my profile and is obsessed with mine. Sadly for her, it backfired."

Harsh words there. Let's hope for Lauren's sake Carmen's just talking out of her, er, butt.

UPDATE: Lauren has posted this message on her Twitter:

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