Lea Michele gets a new tattoo with boyfriend

But what is it?! A bird? A plane? The heatworld logo?


by Shannon w |
Published on

Glee star Lea Michele has had a hard time, but things have started looking up in 2014. Now, she's got a new man and a new tattoo - to add to the 14 already known about.

Last night Lea and her boyfriend Matthew Paetz went on a slightly unusual date, both ending up getting tattoos which Lea then instagrammed with the caption 'smiling through the pain'.

From the pic, we can see that it's probably on her middle left finger, where she'd previously got a heart tat removed - but still no word as to what it is. A bigger heart? A flower? A comprehensive map of the London Underground network? Impossible to tell. Maybe a shamrock, considering the emoji.

In 2012 she revealed on David Letterman that she had 14 tattoos in easy-to-conceal places - but obviously on the hand is slightly less difficult to spot, unless she's planning on going Michael Jackson and sporting one glove at all times. Which would be inadvisable.

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