EastEnders Live recap: shock revelations, fluffed lines and Sharon’s insane hair!

Here's 13 ½ things we learned from last night's episode

tanya branning fluffs lines

by Kay Ribeiro |
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As we inch ever closer to tonight's big EastEnders reveal about who the hell killed Lucy Beale, we pick over last night's episode and examine exactly what we found out.

  1. After he stormed in and accused step mum Jane Beale and dad Ian Beale of being Lucy’s murderer, Peter Beale did not kill his twin sister. Unless it's a massive red herring, of course. So given that the murder took place at the Beale’s, chief suspects now are: Ian, Jane, Cindy and Bobby. We think Cindy or Bobby did it (intentionally or unintentionally) and Jane’s helping cover it up.


  1. Despite being a crazy-eyed dog killer, Abi Branning surprisingly isn’t capable of murder. Yeah, we're not convinced either...

The big reunion: Tanya and Abi
The big reunion: Tanya and Abi
  1. Even the brilliant Jo Joyner (AKA Tanya Branning) can succumb to live episode nerves. She asked Laurie Brett (who plays Jane Beale) how “Adam” [Woodyatt] was instead of “Ian” and tweeted afterwards that she was proper gutted about it.

  1. Sharon Mitchell has started taking hair tips from the lion in The Wizard of Oz.

Sharon Mitchell's dodgy barnet
  1. Tanya Branning is still one of the best Easties characters ever. She needs to move back to Walford immediately, get back with Max Branning and become BFFs with Linda Carter. Can you imagine that double act?

  2. Jane’s first name is actually Lesley. YES, LESLEY.

  3. Lauren hasn’t gone through with the abortion but it doesn’t mean she’s keeping Peter’s baby. In fact, after tonight’s big Whodunnit reveal, the chances of her wanting to have a baby Beale are pretty slim.

Peter and Lauren's awkward clinic encounter
  1. Nasty Nick is still dead and NO ONE CARES. Well, apart from Charlie Cotton who overhears Dot Cotton confessing to Ronnie about it.

  2. Kat Slater handles her booze as well as her top contains her, erm, assets ie. very, very badly.

  3. Dean Wick’s not dead...Yet. The fact that he's back in the Square means he’s either really, really stupid or he has a death wish – either way we wouldn’t like to be in his shoes when Mick Carter catches up with him.

  4. That ‘tache really isn’t working for Christian.

Christian's bad lip fuzz
  1. Peter and Lucy were born on 9th December (‘0912’ was Lauren’s phone passcode), which makes them fire sign Sagittarius. Make of that what you will.

  2. Martin Fowler fancies Stacey Slater but she has zero interest in him. Shame.

1/2. Watching #EE Live makes us SO tense – mainly because we're worried something will go horribly wrong. But that's all part of the fun, right? RIGHT?

Cancel all your plans and watch EastEnders tonight at 7.30pm and 9.30pm on BBC1 to find out WHO KILLED LUCY BEALE!

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