Lee Ryan speaks out about his struggle with alcohol

"People I worked with said I was broken"

Lee Ryan

by Hayley Kadrou |
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After landing himself in some sticky situations after abusing alcohol – such as a driving ban for drink driving – the singer has finally spoken out about his struggle with alcohol abuse.

The former Blue singer explained to the _Sunday Peopl_e how, during his lowest days, he would begin drinking by noon, downing up to two bottles of whisky a day.

Speaking of the incident in April 2014 when police stopped him for driving under the influence, he told them:

“I wasn’t thinking about my safety at all. I’m just lucky I’m not dead and that I didn’t kill anyone else.”

He explained while the arrest was a low point, it was also the wake up call he needed.

“I think I was waiting for something to happen. I was in self-destruct mode. I can’t remember anything other than offering to drive my friend’s car. She was more drunk than I was so in a weird way I thought I was being the gentleman… I’m just so glad I didn’t hurt anyone. I’ve come out a stronger person.”

Lee also explained that during this time he didn’t care that the people around him saw him as ‘broken’:

“During that time people I worked with said I was broken and like a ghost. I didn’t give a s***. I just felt so much pressure, like everyone hated me.”

Lee has since been to rehab, and said:

“But I had cognitive behavioural therapy in rehab. I haven’t touched whisky since and I’m older now. This may not be the first time I’ve been done for drink driving but I was much younger before.

“People forget I was only 16 when I started in Blue. It’s not going to happen again. I still see my counsellor – he’s a lovely man – and I’m finally happy.”

We’re happy you’re happy Lee!

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