Is Leighton Meester pregnant with Adam Brody’s baby?



by Ellen Kerry |
Published on

So, when our all-time crush The O.C.’s Seth Cohen broke up with Summer Roberts IRL, a little bit of our heart died. Then Adam Brody hooked up with* Gossip Girl* leading babe Leighton Meester and it came back to life. Now we hear they might be pregnant and WHAMMO. Our happiness is real, y’all.

Leighton and Adam got hitched early last year and are now expecting their first child, according to reports.

Since the actress was snapped posing for paps showing what could potentially be a baby tummy, it has been reported that she is preggers. And that news is HUGE. If it is true.

If Leighton is just harbouring a really delish In-N-Out burger food baby, again, HUGE and brilliant news.

The couple have yet to make any comments on whether or not the baby rumours are true.

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