Lena Dunham has cut all her hair off into a pixie crop (and is also rocking an awful wig)

Hair we go, etc

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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We do love a spot of Lena Dunham. And we also happen to love the little lady and her hair.

Or should we say her LITTLE hair, because Lena’s cut her hair off into a cute pixie crop.

She went on Late Night With Seth Meyers to talk about her guest role in US drama Scandal – and also showed off her new haircut.

“I’m premiering it right here on this show,” she said, which has to be the most American thing we’ve ever heard. Premiering a haircut? It’s OK, though, because it’s Lena.

We’re missing Lena’s bleached blonde bob a bit right now – but we guess there’s only room for one platinum queen of celebrity right now, and we all know who THAT is cough, Kim Kardashian, cough.

In other Lena Dunham hair news, she’s also rocking a REALLY BAD WIG on Scandal.

Not Lena's hair, thankfully

We mean, really bad.

She explained the wig on Seth Meyers, just so we also know that she knows it’s not a fantastic look.

“The wig was my idea… everything else, the writing, the beautiful facts of the show, you can blame on [show creator] Shonda [Rimes]… but the wig is on me.”

Nice to know.

Check out Lena talking about hair – and Scandal – below.

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