Lenny Kravitz’s trousers split revealing his NAKED PENIS!

He decided to literally rock out with his c**k out

by Anna Lewis |
Published on

There’s not a whole lot you need to know about this one. Except that Lenny Kravitz's naked penis well and truly came out of his trousers recently.

Basically, Lenny was rocking out so hard during a gig in Sweden, that his leather trousers completely gave way; revealing his, erm, well his penis and testicles.


No one in the world has ever taken the phrase "to rock out with your c**k out" so literally…

In between running up and down the stage, and throwing himself about, Len decided he’d do a little squat – no one knows why – but he soon regretted it when he realised that his trousers had split, and he wasn’t wearing any pants, and his penis was out. Right out.

When he noticed the fresh air on his bare groin, he jumped back up; placing his guitar over himself to cover his modesty while anxiously checking that it wasn't still on show for everyone to see.

Luckily a fan was ready with her camera to capture the whole thing, including what we can only assume is some form of penis jewellery...


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