Is Leonardo DiCaprio dating Juliette Lewis?

The pair were spotted on a yacht in Cannes together

Leonardo DiCaprio and Juliette Lewis

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Hmmm, we’ve got a sneaking suspicion that Leonardo DiCaprio might be dating Juliette Lewis.

They were spotted sunbathing on a yacht together in Cannes and Leo had that sexy dad-bod out in full force. We do love a dad body (see below, it’s not just Leo).

And it wasn’t just any old yacht – it was a 138m mega yacht.

It might be a lovely sunny day today but we have a lot of envy right now. IMAGINE BEING ON A YACHT WITH LEONARDO DICAPRIO.

Dating or not, Juliette is one lucky lady.

Juliette seems to know she’s got it made, though – she posted this overexcited Instagram, and though Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t in it, they WERE spotted together on a yacht, so we reckon he was one of the sleeping mates Juliette was alluding too.

The pair starred in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape together back in 1993, and it was reported that they dated.

So could they be getting it on again?

Leo is still rumoured to be dating Rihanna – they were spotted leaving an NYC nightclub together last week, but hey – Leo does LOVE the ladies. And especially ladies on yachts.

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