Lewis Bloor has been showing off his enormous penis again

If we had a peen like that we'd have it out allllll the time

Lewis Bloor LS

by Georgina Terry |
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What was the best thing about Celebrity Big Brother summer 2016?

OK, it was Stephen Bear, but the second best, and certainly the biggest, thing to come out of CBB was Lewis Bloor's ENORMOUS peen.

If he wasn't showing it off to Marnie Simpson as part of the "most romantic shower of me life," he was waggling his balls in Renee Graziano's face or shaving his pubes as (a wholly unnecessary) part of a task.

And who can blame him? If we had a peen that glorious we'd pretty much put a picture of it on our CV.

Lewis Bloor in the shower

And so we're delighted to find that he's been showing it off again, this time on Instagram.

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Lewis has shared the snap as part of a motivational post. It seems that people have been trash-talking Lew's bod which is insane as 1. His bod is great and 2. Even he had the bod of Augustus Gloop that's his own business.

But of course our eyes were drawn to his massive peen because we are depraved.



Lewis Bloor

That's full helmet right there. Unless it's the way the crease has fallen (it isn't).

Excuse us a moment…

SO, what else has Lew been up to since leaving the CBB house? Well, he and Marnie went on their first proper date and honestly? It looked kinda lame.

Marnie was clearly impressed though, as they've subsequently sealed the deal and Marns has been gushing about Lew's prowess in the bedroom.

Otherwise… hmmm. He hasn't been massively prominent (unlike his mega-wang) but let's not forget, he said on CBB that there's no way he'd do reality TV again, unless he was paid one million pounds.

E4 must have that kind of wonga, surely? Have you seen the production values of Celebs Go Dating? LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

It's our new favourite show.

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