Lewis Bloor LEAVES CBB and gushes ‘Marnie is good stuff’

Lewis Bloor evicted

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WARNING in news harder than Mr Bloor's gigantic stiffy.

Rumoured ‘showmancing’, MASSIVE peen flashing and NO cash-in Lewis Bloor has been evicted from CBB. Oh bloody Nora.

The ex-Towie star was sent on his merry way along with Whale (yaaaas) in the first DOUBLE eviction of the series.

Lewis and James

In a shocking turn of events, Ricky was SAVED from the wrath of reality and recieved the most voted to STAY in the house. Ricky. Ricky?! A housemate we didn't even know existed until day 6 when we spotted him making some noodles? Well we are partial to a reality TV journey, we s’pose.

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Moving on, Emma interviewed the evicted pair together and TBH they both seemed glad to be out, a hankering for some Himalayan salt and coconut oilprobs.

Lewis admitted, "I’m gutted to leave her, this first time I wasn’t excited about an eviction, sometimes you just pick up on things, it was my time to go.”

Lewis then continued to champion ‘Lewnie’ by admitting “She loves me for who I am, she’s good stuff.”

Marnie, the poor lamb within seconds blubbed of Lewis leaving the house, ‘I’m so sad for him he wanted it so much.’

Whilst Bear, who could never be confused as a diplomat, ranted to the housemates desperately trying to console Marns, ‘you put him why he’s up, giving him and her hugs and that? Nah you’re the reason why he’s gone.’


A truely sad day for willies on national TV. Here is a farewell shot from us at heat

Lewis Bloor in the shower
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