Lewis Bloor reportedly unfollows Marnie Simpson on Twitter :O


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This year's series of Celebrity Big Brother was absolutely ridiculous and weird for a number of reasons (Stephen Bear, Stephen Bear and Stephen Bear), but the one shining light to come out the show was Marnie Simpson, Lewis Bloor and his enormous peen's relationship.

Marnie Simpson Lewis Bloor

They were initially branded a showmance, but their relationship had seemed to be going from strength to strength ever since.

But it's now been reported by The Sun that Lewis Bloor has unfollowed Marnie Simpson on Twitter, which has come at the same time as a few very confusing tweets.

He wrote: "Never been so frustrated in all my life" followed with: "Time for a big run to clear my head."


This comes after Marnie Simpson was apparently rushed to hospital last night.

Poor Marnie was pulled from filming with her castmates and rushed to Newcastle's RVI hospital, where she stayed until about 1.30 in the morning.

A source told The Sun that she left the club Illegitimate because she was in pain, and that she was "in a state" when she first arrived at A&E with someone on the Geordie Shore production team.

This shock hospital visit comes after Marnie wrote about her health fears for Star magazine, explaining how she was worried about bladder pain and panicking over how she was going to get it sorted.

Marnie Simpson

When you're in the Geordie Shore house, you can't just pop to the doctor. Marnie wrote: "I need to go and get more tests down because I'm not getting any better, by it will have to wait until I'm out of the house".

Poor Marnie! We just want to give this girl a cuddle : (

Marnie eventually left the hospital with a hot water bottle and a pillow, still wearing her white dress and heels.

The source says that she calmed down in the hospital, and was taking selfies with other patients.

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