CBB’s Lewis Bloor has ‘two sides to him’ claims TOWIE mate

We wouldn't be surprised.

CBB Lewis Bloor

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Since Lewis Bloor swanned into the Celebrity Big Brother house looking all dapper and charming, he's had a whooooole lotta air time. Getting it on with Marnie Simpson would do that for you.

Marnie Simpson Lewis Bloor
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He's attracted a pretty mixed bag when it comes to public reception, with some attacking him for being arrogant and having a fake relationship with Marns (NEVER!).

He got an even worse reception during his brief time on TOWIE when he snogged Pete Wicks' almost GF Jess Wright and was generally a bit of an agg merchant, so we asked Amber Dowding, Chris Clark's now offish GF and TOWIE's newest gal, what the cast made of Lew Lew's behaviour.

"We was talking about it yesterday actually!" she said. "Everyone seems to be saying he's doing quite well.

"Obviously we know him so it's very easy for us to kind of judge him on how we know him… Lewis has kind of got two sides to him, but I think he's doing really well. I think good on him. You're in there to play a game, so that's what he's going to do.

We were intrigued… what two sides are these?

"I think he can come across like he's a really nice guy, but behind closed doors he might say the opposite about you he can be a bit like that."

Two faced? In the CBB house? WHATEVER NEXT!

Lewis has been blasted by some viewers for what they perceive as a showmance with Marnie Simpson. After sharing a sneaky snog in the store room earlier this week, they upgraded their surroundings from canned goods to sheets and GOT IT ON in bed in last night's episode.

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