Lewis Hamilton snubs Britain again by vowing to raise his kids in America

The motor racer announced that he wouldn’t raise his kids in the country he grew up in


by Gwendolyn Smith |
Published on

Opting out of supporting homegrown British talent at the London instalment of New York fashion week was seen as snub enough by some, but Lewis Hamilton has now twisted the knife in the wounds of proud patriots by revealing his plans to raise his children stateside.

The Formula One driver has declared that he is hoping to give them a simple upbringing in the mountains of Colorado as it's his “favourite place in the world”. And patriotism aside, you can kind of see his point if you Google, say, Colorado's Mount Albert and then follow it up with a quick image search of a business park in Swansea.

Lewis, who splits his time between a Colorado Ranch and his house in Monaco, told the Daily Mirror: “The place in the mountains [Colorado] feels like my real home”.

He went on: “It is the one house I own and have had built for me, and it feels like my family home.

“That's where my kids are going to grow up...”

Still, his disappearance into rural Colarado is hopefully not too imminent, seeing as he doesn’t have any kids yet. The 30-year-old has enjoyed a stream of high profile relationships, including his on-off long term relationship with Nicole Sherzinger, which ended this February. He’s also been linked to supermodel and new face of Topshop, Gigi Hadid, and Kendall Jenner. Phew.

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