Liam Gallagher called out his brother Noel for not attending the Manchester concert

It all got a bit heated on Twitter...

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Liam Gallagher has called out his brother Noel for not attending the One Love Manchester tribute concert that took place yesterday.

The Oasis founder sent a series of heated tweets out that dissed his sibling, who was apparently holidaying abroad while the tribute gig took place. Meanwhile, Liam managed to perform in Germany before jetsetting back to the UK to perform a surprise set at the concert in Manchester.

liam noel gallagher one love manchester

Taking to Twitter, he said: "Noels out of the fxxking country weren't we all love get on a fxxking plane and play your tunes for the kids you sad fxxk."

"Fxxk the reunion mate it ain't about oasis it's about people helping other people and he's once again shown his true fxxking colours."

He also apologised to the people of Manchester for his brother's absence: "Manchester id like to apologise for my brothers absence last night very disappointed stay beautiful stay safe." Yep, as you can see, things got pretty heated.

As his brother was absent, Liam instead performed with music rival Chris Martin from Coldplay. Chris played the guitar while Liam sang Rock And Roll Star. And surprisingly, they make quite the duo.

Our thoughts are with those affected by the Manchester terror attack and those affected in London.

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