Liam Payne and Cheryl hold hands on ANOTHER date

The pair picked a really low-key date venue (sarcasm)

liam payne cheryl fernandez versini

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Ever since that Instagram picture sent the internet into meltdown and the pair were spotted holding hands at Salmontini restaurant in March, we've been waiting for quality pictures of Liam Payne and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini on a second dinner date.

Why? Because we needed cold, hard proof that this relationship wasn't a fluke. That they're not just great mates who hold hands sometimes. We needed them to, for example, go to a fairground, a circus or, the next best option, a second public dinner date to popular London eaterie Sexy Fish.

liam payne cheryl fernandez versini

Luckily, that last one is exactly what we got. Rumoured to have now been dating for five months, critics are already hysterically pointing out the ten-year age gap to which we pointedly roll our eyes. Ten years is nothing: look at Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas.

Sources say that the couple are already looking to move in together, and that Cheryl can see herself having a family with Liam - but for now, they're taking it slow and regularly eating dinner together.

liam payne cheryl fernandez versini

Wearing a tropical bomber and leather culottes (nice, Chez), the ex-X Factor judge and Liam were swamped by press as they entered Sexy Fish (it serves fish, in case you were wondering) and looked distinctly happier upon leaving the venue.

Maybe a glass of wine had helped matters. Maybe they both had tap water. Maybe this was another woman wearing a Cheryl Cole mask. Time, and that all-important third date, will tell. And then the fourth date. And the fifth. Sixth. Right up until they both die of old age in each others' arms or in Nobu or something.

Good luck to them.


Cheryl and Liam's relationship timeline so far - from meeting on The X Factor to yet another dinner date

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