Liam Payne and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini: Their love story so far

From the first audition to where they're at now

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by Heat |

Here's everything we know about the most unlikely relationship of the year so far.

10 May

After Cheryl seemed to have enough of Liam's affections at a Rihanna gig in Las Vegas, fan speculation mounted the couple were already expecting their first child together after eagle-eyed devotees took note of a happy and healthy Cheryl's tummy at a charity gala, where they made their red carpet debut.

2 April

Cheryl Fernadez-Versini shows off her “new baby ink” on Instagram and sparks rumours that it’s in tribute to her and Liam Payne’s newfound love.

29 March

heat reported that the couple are creating music together while their romance is blossoming State side. Chezza is recording her fifth studio album and Liam is on a break from One Direction.

Cheryl and new beau Liam Payne

He could be getting ready to give ex-band mate Zayn Malik a run for his money by working on some of his own material, as well as making sweet music with his new lover.

Either way, we’re excited.

Meanwhile Chezza seems to be giving out boyf rules already, as she's apparently warned Liam not to go out partying with ‘bad influences’ Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.

26 March

The pair were snapped stocking up on Easter goodies together In LA, seemingly putting rumours to rest and definitely confirming they’re an item.

We say "pair", but it was Liam who was inundated with chocolate while Chez stood by to capture the moment. CUUUTE.

17 March

Cheryl hits out at all the haters on the relationship via an interesting Instagram post claiming she “falls in love with souls not faces.

Make love, not war and all that.

It does kind of help that Liam is an absolute FITTY though, doesn’t it Chezza?

11 March

Another little dig at those pesky Chiam haters from Cheryl's insta, this time claiming she’s a "girls' girl" and how trying to bring others down “speaks volumes about your character.” A truly inspirational moment of girl power there.

But you do have to remember that the One Direction fans who are green with envy are in actual fact GIRLS, not women, and probably shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

10 March

This is when, in relationship terms, they became kind of a big deal as Liam met Cheryl's mam. The trio were spotted together in London’s swanky Belgravia for dinner.

cheryl mum joan

But, yet again, Cheryl had to reach out and say screw the haters as Twitter trolls raged about her mum supposedly third-wheeling the couple.

8 March

Liam melted our hearts with his declaration of love for our Geordie lass via Instagram on International Women's day, claiming she’s his “favourite woman in the world”.

Nope.. not jealous in the slightest.

7 March

The couple started to let us in on their romance a little more as Cheryl posted her “mystery man line up” on Instagram, featuring none other than Liam.

They were spotted out in public for the second time as Liam was seen helping Chezza out of a cab when they were on a cute little date at a casino in London’s Mayfair.

Beautiful AND a gentleman. Swoon.

2 March

Liam added fuel to the highly speculated-relationship fire when he posted a cushty selfie of him and Cheryl in the back of a car.

THEN Cheryl posted a selfie in the exact same car, featuring none other than LIAMS' ARM. Oh Em Gee.

1 March

Liam sent everyone into a frenzy after changing his Instagram icon to a selfie – replacing that cute litte black and white pic of him and Cheryl that initially triggered the rumour mill.

cheryl liam
cheryl liam ©liam instagram

The image initiated suspicion that the pair were a couple and seemingly confirmed their bizarre relationship after they were spotted doing a romantic midnight shop in a local Tesco.

Liam also unfollowed his ex-girlfriend Sophia Smith on Instagram and abolished any trace of his former relationship. How necessary that was, we don’t know.

14 Feb

Valentine's Day. The Big V.

Liam posted an image on, yep, you’ve got it, Instagram, of a single rose captioning it “Happy Valentines Day baby” which was apparently for Chez.

This wasn’t the first sighting of roses on Liam's Instagram however, as he revealed a new tattoo on his hand a month earlier, which closely resembles THAT tattoo on Cheryl's backside.

Nope, STILL not jealous.. :(

10 Jan

Chezza announced that she was to divorce Jean-Bernard Versini after only 19 months of marriage.

Cheryl and Jean


After not making it past judges' houses two years before in Barbados with Simon Cowell, Liam took the plunge and made the best decision of his life by auditioning once again in front of his bae, Louis Walsh, Simon, and Natalie Imbruglia.

This time he made it all the way to the final with One Direction, coming third overall.

One Direction The X Factor

In this audition, Cheryl said “whatever it is, you’ve definitely got it’ so we should’ve guessed that there was only 1D she wanted from that moment.


The very first time the lovebirds ever laid eyes on each other!

Liam Payne serenaded Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (then Cole) (plus Louis and Simon – minor details) with his rendition of *Fly Me To The Moon *as a wee 14 year old. Awwww.

Liam Payne The X Factor 2008

Even then, Liam took his chances with Chez by giving her a little wink during his audition. The cheeky, devil.

Cheryl thought he was "cute" and had "charisma" but clearly Liam was in the friend zone - as Cheryl was 24 at the time - and he remained firmly there for many years.

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